Coronavirus – COVID 19

Hello friends of YouCanFreeUs, we are living in unprecedented times. Our world is literally on lockdown with so much uncertainty about the next few weeks and months. Our prayer is that all of you who are part of the YouCanFreeUs global community are staying healthy and safe.

We want to update you on some the steps we are taking to keep our beneficiaries and staff safe:

• All of our investigations and rescue efforts have been put on hold until the situation improves.

• Our staff is working from home and we are using a rotational system for those who need to be with the beneficiaries. We are functioning with 20% of our staff capacity.

• Our training centers are closed and we are keeping our beneficiaries busy and occupied at the safe houses.

• We have conducted awareness sessions with our beneficiaries on the Coronavirus and are keeping them regularly updated on the spread of the virus.

• Our staff is practicing every precaution including mandatory hand washing for all staff as they enter and leave the premises, and each beneficiary has been given an individual hand sanitizer and mask.

• Supplements are being given to our beneficiaries to boost their immunity.

Thank you for standing with us in this movement to end slavery.

If you have any questions please reach out to me personally at

Stay safe – we are all in this together.

Sujo John
Founder, YouCanFreeUs


We are very appreciative of your support of YouCanFreeUs. With global business sentiment at its lowest, charities are among the first to be affected. We are counting on you to give us a boost in our finances through these difficult times.

Here is what you can do now:

1. Donate here for all residing in the US and other nations. Donate on if you reside in India.

2. Start a fundraiser benefitting YouCanFreeUs using your social media to introduce your friends and community to our common fight against modern slavery.

Our goal is for:

•  30 friends of YouCanFreeUs to raise $2000 or more

•  50 friends of YouCanFreeUs to raise $1000 or more

•  100 friends of YouCanFreeUs to raise $500 or more

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