A Special Appeal

Dear Friend,

We hope you and your family are staying safe during these challenging times.

COVID-19 has altered so much of our lives. The everyday stories of heartbreaking loss and immense human suffering have saddened us.

But, at the same time, our spirits have been lifted by the brave and selfless acts of care for our fellow human beings by frontline workers in hospitals, grocery stores, police, government, and non- government agencies in the fight against COVID-19. Our sincere appreciation goes out to them and the many ordinary citizens worldwide who have stepped up to serve their communities in this difficult time.

The one lesson this pandemic has taught us is the irrefutable way our lives are intertwined in this globalized world – how what happens in one part of the world impacts other places and experiences. We can use this new understanding of an interconnected world by coming together in our collective response to fight not just COVID-19, but many of the problems the world faces today like hunger, slavery, and abuse.

Our beneficiaries have shown tremendous resilience during these difficult times. With a little encouragement, these women began to express their experiences of “how the world paused” during COVID-19, using the ancient and rich Warli tribal art form, practiced in Maharashtra, India, since the 10th century AD. We are excited to share the creative expressions of these brave women captured on a limited edition t-shirt. This t-shirt will remind you of the resilience we all exhibited during these difficult times. COVID-19 has debilitated our fundraising efforts and we are hoping the proceeds of this t-shirt, made by hands now living in freedom, will bring in much-needed funding. 100% of the funds this t-shirt generates will go toward our fight against modern slavery.

Though this season has been strenuous at YouCanFreeUs, we have also been challenged to do more. Covid-19 is pushing millions into poverty and the vulnerability index for women and children to be trafficked has increased exponentially. This is also providing a huge opportunity to rescue more women and children.

Your gift will go toward the following:

  • The continued rehabilitation of women and children in our three safe houses and two training centers.
  • The starting of a fourth safe house for trafficked women including operational expenses for the first year. These women have been deeply impacted by Covid-19 and our staff has been actively working on their rescue. We have to start a fourth safe house to accommodate them.
  • The purchase of two mini-vans that will be used for rescue missions.

Our immediate goal is to raise $200,000 to meet these needs.

For a donation of $100 or more, we are excited to send you a beautiful limited edition “When the World Paused and Came Back Stronger” t-shirt. Please also indicate the size of your t-shirt.

Share pictures of you wearing this t-shirt on your social media and tag @youcanfreeus, using hashtags #youcanfreeus #artforfreedom.

For the sake of freedom,

Sujo John

Founder, YouCanFreeUs

Please select the “When the World Paused” campaign for your donation of $100 or more and indicate your shirt size in the drop down box.