10 Years of YouCanFreeUs

This is a momentous season for us at YouCanFreeUs. November 11, 2020, marks ten years in our fight against modern slavery around the world. Ten years ago were given an opportunity to ring the bells of freedom; we can proudly say we have done so to the best of our ability through our rescues, rehabilitation, training, and awareness worldwide. From the Americas to Europe and Asia, freedom and hope have come to hundreds of women and children whose lives were damaged and destroyed by the evil of modern slavery.

Robert Frost famously left us these words, “Freedom lies in being bold.” At YouCanFreeUs, our bold and courageous teams have led the fight for freedom for those locked up in the brothels and dark places of the world. We look to the next season of YouCanFreeUs to do more in this fight. Our resolve has only grown stronger. With 41 million people in slavery and spreading around the world, we are engaged and ready.

If you are reading this message, you have a part in this movement. In honor of 10 years of fighting modern slavery, we invite you to make a donation to YouCanFreeUs in a multiple of $10.

Thank you for being a sojourner with us.

Sujo John

Founder, YouCanFreeUs