Our Rescues in 2021

Sold by her Husband

Rescued November 23, 2021

This young 23-year-old girl, along with her one-year-old child, were rescued by our team. She was sold into the sex trade by her husband.

Trafficked by Her Boyfriend

Rescued November 8, 2021

This young 18-year-old joined us today. She is an orphan, abused as a child by her uncle and then sold by her boyfriend. We welcomed her into the YouCanFreeUs family today.

Our Largest Rescue

Rescued October 27, 2021

After almost a month of investigation, surveillance, and coordination with police, the YouCanFreeUs staff team rescued 28 minors from forced labor. This is our largest rescue to date.

Sold by Her Mother

Rescued September 28, 2021

This young girl has joined our safe house. Her mother and stepfather sold her into the red-light district at the tender age of twelve. She is another precious life freed from the clutches of slavery and given the opportunity to begin a journey of freedom and restoration.

Children Rescued from Forced Labor

Rescued September 7, 2021

In a daring rescue, our team rescued four children in forced labor from a business located in the red-light district.

Rescued from Child Labor

Rescued August 17, 2021

This 11-year-old boy was rescued from forced child labor.

Sold When She Was 16 by Her Boyfriend

Rescued July 4, 2021

This young girl is now free and has started her rehabilitation program at YouCanFreeUs.

Sold in Her Teens

Rescued June 23, 2021

She is 19 years old but was forced to marry at the age of 14 and by the age of 16 was a mother of two. A woman befriended her and took her to work in an adult entertainment establishment where she was trafficked. Her life of freedom is just beginning at YouCanFreeUs.

Trafficked by Her Boss at Age 13

Rescued April 28, 2021

She grew up in Nepal and went to India for work. After finding a job at a construction site, her boss trafficked and sold her into the red-light district. She is now safe and has started her journey of freedom.

These Children Are Now Free

Rescued March 17, 2021

Three young children were rescued today from forced child labor. They were working long hours in a bakery. Our staff team working with law enforcement raided the premises and extracted these children. They are now free.

Forced Child Labor

Rescued March 9, 2021

These four young children were rescued from forced child labor from a suburb of Mumbai, India. They were rescued from a hazardous factory where the working conditions were very inhumane.

Raised in the Red-Light District

Rescued March 4, 2021

This young girl was rescued and has started her journey of healing and freedom with us. Her mother was a sex worker and her father was a pimp – both died of HIV/AIDS. Her young life has been filled with tragedy in the red-light district.

Forced Child Labor

Rescued February 3, 2021

Our YouCanFreeUs team rescued these young boys from forced labor. They are being reunited with their families.

This operation took us almost a month from the surveillance and planning to the rescue operation. Our teams are working on several other cases, and we hope to bring freedom to many young children like these soon.

Trafficked by Her Neighbor

Rescued February 2, 2021

NIMI is now free, but she was trafficked at the age of 14 by a trusted neighbor.

Nimi is an 18-year old girl who has a tragic past of forced labor for four years in the red-light district. Now she is on her journey of freedom with us.

Sold by Her Own Family

Rescued February 1, 2021

Eighteen-year-old Vinita became our first rescue of the new year.

She was sold into slavery by her own family. She has a long road to her full healing and restoration.

Did you know these are the first processes a new rescue from sex trafficking goes through at YouCanFreeUs?

  • Physical and psychological assessment
  • Screening for HIV/AIDS, STDs, and other health issues
  • Orientation into our program
  • Counseling and therapy