International Women's Day

YouCanFreeUs had a unique opportunity when Sujo John was invited to the NATO Allied Joint Force Command in Brunssum, the Netherlands, to speak to the military leadership of Europe and North America on issues affecting women globally for International Women’s Day. 

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YouCanFreeUs Introduces The Pink Book

In continuation with our resource series, the first one being Libertas, we have just launched our latest resource, The Pink Book. Earlier this month, in partnership with the local government in Mumbai, YouCanFreeUs officially launched The Pink Book, an operating manual to help organizations that rehabilitate victims of sex trafficking and trauma. YouCanFreeUs developed this manual based on our learning and experience since 2010 working with our beneficiaries who have been rescued from trafficking and undergone rehabilitation with us. 

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Udaan - Let's Give Them Wings to Fly

Udaan is a child labor prevention initiative of YouCanFreeUs created to serve children at risk of being trafficked or forced into child labor. Udaan, meaning flight in Hindi, is a child development center located in a slum community in Bhiwandi, India. Many children in this area work in garbage dumps, looking for plastic and metal items to sell for less than 50 cents a day. These toxic and hazardous conditions pose grave challenges to their health and development. 

Our center has a learning-friendly environment with a play area for warm-up exercises and fun activities and a dining area for the children to have two nutritious meals daily. Each child in Udaan receives quality education and mentorship in a safe, beautiful facility with trained staff.

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Udaan - Let's Give Them Wings to Fly


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YouCanFreeUs in Ukraine

Please watch this video of our leadership team at the border of Ukraine and see what your donations were able to accomplish.
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Our Rescues in 2023

Updated February 22, 2023

YouCanFreeUs continues to grow with the addition of our newest safe house in Kolkata, India.

To date, we have added four new beneficiaries this year.

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Udaan is serving children who are at risk of being forced to work. These children can now receive an education at our child development center, Udaan.

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Our Global Response

Our work focuses on victims of slavery including those trapped in commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor.

Our holistic approach to rehabilitation includes programs for literacy, education, vocational training, individual and group therapy, medical care, physical fitness, and life skills training.

Through our network of strategic intervention hubs, safe houses, and training centers, our fight is to bring freedom, hope, and restoration to victims of modern slavery and deliver innovative ways to reduce the global slavery footprint.

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Get Involved

There are many ways you can help us. You can make a donation, volunteer to work with us, or even start your own social media fundraiser to get contributions from your network.

By helping, you are holding the ropes for us as we go deep to rescue those in slavery. Your donation of any amount can make an impact in the fight against modern slavery. Thank you for making a difference.

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Featured Project - Mumbai

Mumbai, the financial and cultural capital of India, always draws young people from around the country who are often lured into the city with the hope of jobs, modeling contracts, or work in the world’s largest movie industry – Bollywood.  Some of the largest red-light districts of the world exist in India.  Mumbai has nine red-light districts: Kamathipura, Grant Road, Turbhe, Sonapur, Bhiwandi, Malwani, Vasai, Mira Road, and Panvel.

Our work begins with surveillance and mapping of red-light districts. Through our network of informants, our dedicated rescue staff plans and executes rescue operations with the help of local law enforcement.  Following the rescue, women, girls, and children are brought to our safe houses for their long-term psychosocial care. Our partnerships with local governments and the justice system often make us the preferred aftercare facility in Mumbai.

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Anti Child Labor

Child labor is defined as work that deprives children of their childhood and the opportunity to attend school, and that is harmful to their physical and mental development. Through its 2017 findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor, the US Department of Labor reveals that 152 million children are involved in child labor – but nearly half of those, 73 million, are engaged in hazardous conditions.

Child labor is one of the biggest humanitarian crises plaguing India. Several million children in this country have been deprived of a proper childhood and ruthlessly exploited, due to the widespread demand for cheap labor.

To combat this, YouCanFreeUs aims at rescuing and protecting these young victims of modern slavery, as well as offering them opportunities for rehabilitation and education. Since 2019, we have a dedicated anti child labor team that works in partnership with law enforcement and governmental agencies.

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