A Special Thanksgiving at YouCanFreeUs

Updated: 9th November, 2022

A special thanksgiving at youcanfreeus

YouCanFreeUs had a very special Thanksgiving this year.

We decided to take take a trip to the U.S. – Mexico border to see the border trafficking problem up close but, more importantly, to thank our brave Border Patrol for the amazing work they do each day.

We hosted a special Thanksgiving meal for them and had the opportunity to bless each agent with a gift as a token of our appreciation.

The picture above is of Sujo John and Chris Potter from YouCanFreeUs presenting a special recognition to the Border Patrol in Eagle Pass, Texas.

The response was incredible and heartwarming for us. They were so grateful that YouCanFreeUs was there to make their holiday special. These brave men and women stop illegal drugs and narcotics from coming into the country, preventing the deaths of thousands of Americans. They rescue migrants stranded in the wilderness and those drowning in the Rio Grande river as they try to cross into America. They are the only ones trying to do something about this colossal human crisis and tragedy at the U.S. border. These men and women need our support.

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