International Women’s Day

Updated: 21st March, 2023


Our girls had a fantastic day celebrating International Women’s Day. They resolved to be a voice of change for other women worldwide. There are no better voices than of these incredible young women who have endured so much pain and trauma but have not allowed their past to hold them back. They are excited at their newly found freedom and are ready to change the world.

YouCanFreeUs had a unique opportunity when Sujo John was invited to the NATO Allied Joint Force Command in Brunssum, the Netherlands, to speak to the military leadership of Europe and North America on issues affecting women globally. We are grateful for the support of NATO countries for standing with the people of Ukraine. 

I commend the NATO Alliance for its support for Ukraine, and I call on the free nations of the world to bring Russia to justice for using violence against women and children as a weapon of war.

– Sujo John at NATO

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