Our Summer Initiatives

Updated: 15th July, 2022

We have been busy at YouCanFreeUs! We invite you to look at our latest summer initiatives at YouCanFreeUs India and Compassion Ukraine.

Earlier this year we opened our Child Development Center – UDAAN. Over 100 children now have an opportunity for education because of the generosity of our donors. Here is a short video of the opening of UDAAN.

Health Education in the Red-Light District

On June 30th, we conducted a medical camp in the red-light district of Mumbai. We provided education and awareness for the women on maintaining good general health by teaching them about medicine and hygiene. YouCanFreeUs conducts educational camps annually in the red-light district, along with follow-up.

Health Education in the Red-Light District

We recently held our first official Sports Day! The girls loved experiencing this fun day of food and festivities. Our amazing staff attended and presented the winners with awards at the end of the competition.


Kid’s Camp in Odesa, Ukraine

YouCanFreeUs is sponsoring a kid’s camp in wartorn Odesa for children from Mariupol, Kherson, Mykolaiv, and Odesa. Many of these children have suffered extreme trauma from the war. The camp serves 65 children from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM and provides two nutritious meals daily. Our team there is gearing up for the second camp.
We aim to help in the following ways:
Education: Because of the war, these children are behind academically; we are supplying school materials, and our Odesa partners are helping prepare them academically for a new school year. Mental and spiritual support: Professional psychologists and theologians work with kids and their parents three times a week. Physical health: Professional athletes train the kids every day with lessons in football, mini football, and dance choreography. Socially: Entertainment, activities, and games, and a school of volunteering where kids can see what it means to be a volunteer and to take part in social work by caring for others.


A couple of weeks ago, YouCanFreeUs sponsored kid camps in Moldova for 90 refugee children from Ukraine, thanks to your generosity! These camps served as the basis for building friendships and provided a fun and learning atmosphere for these children who have suffered so much during the war. Thank you for making this possible.

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